What’s on the other side of queer intimacy gone sour?

James Jackson, Jr., Danielle Buonaiuto,
Victoria Huston-Elem, Karl Saint Lucy

How do these emotions collide during time spent alone in quarantine? When James opens a box of artifacts from his first breakup, after months of self-isolation during COVID-19, he reckons with memories that haunt him of a first queer love gone awry.

Different Stars premiered on , starring James Jackson, Jr., Victoria Huston-Elem, Danielle Buonaiuto, and Karl Saint Lucy. The premiere, directed by Raquel Cion, benefits QORDS, "a music-centered summer camp for LGBTQ youth with a special focus on queer and transgender youth of color living in the American South."

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James (James Jackson, Jr.)

A songwriter whose ability to write has been paralyzed by trauma. Decides to finally sort through the wreckage of his first breakup during COVID-19 quarantine.

Renaud (Karl Saint Lucy)

James's ex-boyfriend. The heartbreak of the breakup lingers for James, nine years later.

Olympia (Victoria Huston-Elem)

Lauren's girlfriend, a poet and songwriter. Grew up in Astoria, Queens.

Lauren (Danielle Buonaiuto)

Renaud's best friend from college, Olympia's girlfriend. Always wanted to play the piano.

Development History

Originally titled La Hora Perdida: Songs for Renno, most of the cycle was written by Karl Saint Lucy in the nine months following their first breakup in 2011. Over 40 songs were written, with lyrics by Saint Lucy, Julia de Burgos, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, and William Shakespeare.

November 2012

An initial production of 20 of the songs, as La Hora Perdida, was scheduled for premiere, but was canceled due to the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.

August 2013

La Hora Perdida enjoyed a 90-minute workshop production at Glow Lyric Theatre in Greenville, South Carolina.


Many songs from the cycle were performed at Feinstein's/54 Below in New York.

March 2020

A 45-minute recital version of the cycle, Orion's Belt: Selections from Different Stars, was scheduled for premiere at Pangea in New York, but was canceled due to COVID-19 quarantine.

August 2020

Reimagined as a 40-minute memory play for a gay man reminiscing on his past during quarantine, Different Stars saw its premiere online on August 15.